Content Marketing Beauty Lookbook

Contouring your Content Marketing

Brands face a very different marketplace than they did decades ago. The entire customer experience has shifted online and today’s buyers and consumers are in full control of their online journey, with a rising expectation for personalized content experiences every step of the way.

Consumer brands must take action and digitally reinvent themselves in order to remain relevant for the continuously evolving preferences of their audience. But how?

In this lookbook we explore how beauty brands in particular are addressing content marketing challenges and provide examples and solutions that can be put into action to:

  • Position your brand as a leader in your category
  • Increase engagement and brand loyalty
  • Drive more consumers through the purchase funnel 

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Get Personal With Your Content Marketing

OneSpot is a technology platform for personalizing content marketing across digital channels. The company’s machine learning based Content Sequencing® engine helps the world’s best brands use their content marketing to create one-to-one, personally relevant digital experiences across website, email and paid media.

What do our customers have to say?

"While ‘story’ is crucial to our brand storytelling efforts, technology and data are also critical for helping Honey Maid build relationships with real target consumers and, ultimately, drive business results. OneSpot’s data-driven targeting and sequencing approach, as well as its specialization in driving repeat engagement, are unique in the marketplace and highly attractive for the Honey Maid business.”

Gary Osifchin
Vice President, Global Brands & Communication, Biscuits Global Category Team
Mondelēz International