Client Case Study:
Campbell's Kitchen

How Individualization Helped Transform a
150-Year-Old Soup Brand

Campbell’s understanding of their consumer was changing at an unprecedented rate and their team was looking to transform their digital marketing capabilities to facilitate more personalized connections with their audience. For Campbell’s Kitchen, the team had built up a sizeable, loyal owned audience, but had seen engagement levels declining.

They wanted to create an experience that drove deeper engagement and inspired consumer action while shifting from a manual, one-size-fits-all approach to content to a strategy informed by robust content consumption analysis that could also be used to influence other marketing activities.

Read the case study to learn how Campbell's partnered with OneSpot to create a content experience that facilitated more meaningful consumer connections.

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“OneSpot's Active Content Intelligence opened our eyes to a new, objective way of defining content performance that enabled us to refine our strategic focus, and make smarter decisions about where to invest in future content development.”

James Gilbert, Director of Personalization, Campbell Soup Company

What do our customers have to say?

"While ‘story’ is crucial to our brand storytelling efforts, technology and data are also critical for helping Honey Maid build relationships with real target consumers and, ultimately, drive business results. OneSpot’s data-driven targeting and sequencing approach, as well as its specialization in driving repeat engagement, are unique in the marketplace and highly attractive for the Honey Maid business.”

Gary Osifchin
Vice President, Global Brands & Communication, Biscuits Global Category Team
Mondelēz International