How to Master Individualization to Delight Your Customers

Your Guide to Deepening Relationships and Engagement

Brands are using content to connect with, educate, and influence their audience, but individuals’ needs and interests are as unique as their fingerprints. Creating a content experience that resonates is key to increasing engagement and deepening the relationship with your audience.

We've created this guide for marketing game changers who are obsessed with superior customer experience and believe a deeper level of personalization, known as individualization, is integral to delivering the customer experience your consumers expect. Read the guide today for key steps, considerations and best practices for mastering individualization to delight your customers. Here's what you'll learn:

  • The difference between personalization, segmentation and individualization
  • Where your organization sits on the Content Maturity Index 
  • Actionable steps for establishing a strong foundation for individualization
  • The benefits of individualization

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Individualize Your Customer Experience

OneSpot is a marketing technology company that individualizes the customer experience across digital channels, driving meaningful engagement with your content, products and offers. OneSpot automates the individualization process by leveraging machine learning and saves you time by delivering our platform as a managed service.

What do our customers have to say?

"While ‘story’ is crucial to our brand storytelling efforts, technology and data are also critical for helping Honey Maid build relationships with real target consumers and, ultimately, drive business results. OneSpot’s data-driven targeting and sequencing approach, as well as its specialization in driving repeat engagement, are unique in the marketplace and highly attractive for the Honey Maid business.”

Gary Osifchin
Vice President, Global Brands & Communication, Biscuits Global Category Team
Mondelēz International