The Personalization Imperative for
Content Marketing

OneSpot and Marketing Insider Group surveyed over 1,500 U.S. consumers to better understand the impact of personalization on their attitudes, preferences and expectations when it comes to content marketing.

Read the report today for data-driven insights on why marketers can no longer afford to defer personalization. Key takeaways:

  • Nearly half of consumers won’t spend time with branded content if it’s not relevant to their interests.
  • 88% of consumers say that personally relevant content improves how they feel about a brand.
  • 50% of consumers surveyed cited Facebook as a primary discovery channel for branded content.
  • 55% of consumers indicated that Amazon sets the standard for delivering personalized digital experiences.
  • Consumers find content that “informs” (40%) and “educates” (28%) to be the most valuable.

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Get Personal With Your Content Marketing

OneSpot is a technology platform for personalizing content marketing across digital channels. The company’s machine learning based Content Sequencing® engine helps the world’s best brands use their content marketing to create one-to-one, personally relevant digital experiences across website, email and paid media.

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